Temporary Staffing
& Recruitment

At Trison, we offer temporary staffing services that are designed to meet the constant changes within your industry and workforce. Need temporary staffing for quick-turn projects? We can help you. Want to try out an employee before hiring? You can place him or her on our payroll during your probation period. Not large enough to offer benefits such as health insurance and 401(k) plans? We can place your selected candidate on our payroll and offer a competitive benefits package.

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Managed Contingent

Trison delivers a highly skilled and motivated workforce, complete with onsite management. Additionally, our partners benefit from valuable services  such as job costing, cross training, labor resource leveling and performance tracking. Our cost-pass-through-plus-fee model offers full transparency to the costs of our contract meaning no hidden fees and no excess markups.

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Human Resources
& Payroll Support

Concerned about the complex nature and time-consuming demands of payroll and compliance? No worries. Trison can process your payroll for you, including filing your taxes and other required forms. We can assist you with background checks, handbook creation and compliance requirements.

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About Trison Business Solutions

Why Work With Us?

Trison Business Solutions, Inc. is a Certified Woman-Owned human resource, staffing and contingent workforce management firm. Think of Trison as a partner and ally invested in your success. Whether you’re looking to hire top talent, or looking to find the perfect career for your future, we work smartly and closely with you. Together, we form a powerful partnership that helps you grow into your business or career objectives. 

Employees are an integral part of any profitable, growing operation. We’re here to help businesses find the best people for their operations, and to help talented workers find the perfect employment opportunities for their unique skill sets. People power every organization-- and we’re here to empower people on both sides of the employment equation. 

When you decide to partner with Trison, you can soon begin to realize a wide range of benefits within your business or your career. These benefits include: a promising career, continued professional development, increased productivity and flexibility, reduced turnover and increased morale through employee engagement, a committed and motivated workforce, and greater control of business direction.

We’re a dedicated supplier and world-class leader of engineering services. Our cross-functional and innovative team environment empowers employees and promotes overall excellence.

About Us Testimonials


"I have been employed by Trison Business Solutions for 12 years under the corporate management and leadership of Susan McQuillen. In that period I have gotten to know Susan as a business owner as wel… 
- Paul (Employee)
"My experience with Trison was very positive. Trison supplied Engineering Services with a large on site work force (100+ employees). Trison employees provided services for engineering (PHD level rese… 
- Serge (Customer, Purchasing Director)
"I had the pleasure of working indirectly with Susan for over 8 years while at General Motors. She was an incredible leader of the bundled service group (Trison) responsible for supporting the Fuel C… 
- Greg
"In all my years I have never worked for someone who deserved more respect than Susan. Susan is a person who puts her employees first. A leader with the skills to communicate a vision and the ability 
- Jeff (Employee)
"I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Susan and Trison Business Solutions for 6 years while at the GM Fuel Cell Activities. Susan managed a workforce in excess of 100 employees at the site… 
- David (Customer, Engineering Leader)
"Susan is a wonderfully intelligent, talented and motivated businesswoman. I was fortunate enough to have been granted the opportunity to work for Trison (at GM) after graduate school because of Susa… 
- Yasmin (Employee)
"I worked closely with Susan for 6 years at the GM Fuel Cell facility in Honeoye Falls NY and continue today to work with her in other endeavors. No job has been too big or small for her to handle an… 
- Matt Fronk (Site Leader, GM Fuel Cell Honeoye Falls)

Looking to Hire?

We bring a unique perspective to staffing. Intimately understanding our clients and candidates, along with the challenges they face today, we utilize our industry expertise to offer innovative solutions and build long-lasting relationships. Every step in our staffing process is designed to deliver exceptional value and results.

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Looking for Work?

We believe that in today’s competitive environment a powerful blend of knowledge, skills and characteristics are critical to both our success and yours. Trison Business Solutions offers exceptional benefit packages and compensation. If you have skills applicable to one of our specialties, start your job search with Trison today.

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