"I have been employed by Trison Business Solutions for 12 years under the corporate management and leadership of Susan McQuillen. In that period I have gotten to know Susan as a business owner as well as an individual. Susan has always displayed a high level of knowledge and professionalism in all aspects of the business from her interaction with employees to customer negotiations and relations. I have always felt confident in her decision making and have seen her handle complex issues with positive results. She has always made herself available for employee’s and has done a great job keeping her team informed and prepared for new projects and opportunities within our customer base. I have always found Susan to be energetic, positive and capable of keeping her business lean yet dynamic in order to achieve customer’s goals and objectives."

- Paul (Employee)

"My experience with Trison was very positive. Trison supplied Engineering Services with a large on site work force (100+ employees). Trison employees provided services for engineering (PHD level research to skill trades and technician skills) and commercial (Finance to Purchasing and administrative skills). Susan ran a very customer oriented, lean cost, and high integrity business. I was the primary comercial interface to Trison from a contractual (cost and one voice on service satifaction) standpoint. I felt Susan was very effective as the leader of the business and that Trison offered a very good value with a high degree of customer satisfaction."

- Serge (Customer, Purchasing Director)

"I had the pleasure of working indirectly with Susan for over 8 years while at General Motors. She was an incredible leader of the bundled service group (Trison) responsible for supporting the Fuel Cell program in Honeoye Falls. She has the ability to handle the personnel in a very dynamic engineering environment keeping up with the needs of the customer. I have no doubt she would be a tremendous asset and provide a valuable service to any employer."

- Greg

"In all my years I have never worked for someone who deserved more respect than Susan. Susan is a person who puts her employees first. A leader with the skills to communicate a vision and the ability to get others to rally around that vision and see it through to success. I have a great deal of respect for Susan as a leader, but more as a person. I highly recommend Susan to any organization looking into utilizing her services."

- Jeff (Employee)

"I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Susan and Trison Business Solutions for 6 years while at the GM Fuel Cell Activities. Susan managed a workforce in excess of 100 employees at the site. She hired and brought in a diverse group with skill sets ranging from PHD's to skilled technicians. As manager of the GM engineering team I interfaced with Susan on a daily basis. She is an extremely organized effective leader with the highest integrity. I recommend Susan and the Trison organization most highly."

- David (Customer, Engineering Leader)

"Susan is a wonderfully intelligent, talented and motivated businesswoman. I was fortunate enough to have been granted the opportunity to work for Trison (at GM) after graduate school because of Susan's belief in my capabilities. She has a great eye for finding people that work well together, and a deep appreciation for the sciences and technology. I admire her ability to be a strong manager, which was evidenced by not only her ability to take charge and have a fantastic business sense, but also be reasonable and empathize with her employees. Without doubt, I would enthusiastically offer my recommendation of Susan's work."

- Yasmin (Employee)

"I worked closely with Susan for 6 years at the GM Fuel Cell facility in Honeoye Falls NY and continue today to work with her in other endeavors. No job has been too big or small for her to handle and she approached each one with the attitude of solving the problem – not why it could not be done. As the site leader I had many interactions with Susan. The biggest compliment I can give her and Trison Business solutions is that my problems were hers and we solved them together. She really exemplifies win-win partnerships in industry. Susan is one of the highest integrity people I know and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future."

- Matt Fronk (Site Leader, GM Fuel Cell Honeoye Falls)

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