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We are a dedicated supplier and world class leader of engineering services. Our cross-functional, innovative team environment empowers employees and promotes excellence.

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About Trison Business Solutions

Trison Business Solutions, Inc. is a Certified Woman-Owned human resource, staffing and contingent workforce management firm. At Trison, we understand that employees are an integral part of a profitable, growing business. Whether they are your direct hires or part of your contingent workforce, the satisfaction, devotion and motivation of your workforce is directly linked to your business outcomes.

Our goal is to form a partnership with our clients in order to grow their business and/or technology. This partnership approach allows our clients to focus on their core competencies while maintaining control of business direction. We hire the skill sets to meet our clients’ needs and can also provide onsite management of daily operations. Partnering with Trison can increase the productivity and flexibility of your contingent workforce – while lowering costs and decreasing turnover and attrition.

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We bring a unique perspective to staffing. Intimately understanding our clients and candidates, along with the challenges they face today, we utilize our industry expertise to offer innovative solutions and build long-lasting relationships. Every step in our staffing process is designed to deliver exceptional value and results.

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We believe that in today’s competitive environment a powerful blend of knowledge, skills and characteristics are critical to both our success and yours. Trison Business Solutions offers exceptional benefit packages and compensation. If you have skills applicable to one of our specialties, start your job search with Trison today.

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